Food & Beverage

Perfect solution for the food & beverage industry

Food & Beverage

Perfect solution for the food & beverage industry

by AVT Admin
Cost of implementation and expert knowledge often results in condition monitoring not being adopted within the food and beverage industry, Machine Sentry® offers the perfect low cost solution that is flexible enough to accommodate all requirements.


Analyst support can be provided by the AVT Reliability® expert engineer either as part of a contracted or pay as you go service eliminating the need for resident on-site reliability engineers.

In some applications hazardous area certification may be required, Machine Sentry® can be supplied with ATEX and IECEx certified equipment.

Machine Sentry® – Food & Beverage

Case Studies

Creamery Installs Machine Sentry® MSF-1 to Help Improve Site Efficiency

A leading food and beverage company that manufactures many products from chocolate to cooking sauces, have installed Machine Sentry® MSF-1 at a creamery in the south west of the United Kingdom.

With time and resource being a critical factor in the reliability of their operation, the small on-site engineering team installed a MSF-1 onto a heat exchanger. By having the fixed sensor installed, this gives them the added convenience of being able to take readings without having to manually take readings around the plant using a large vibration analyser. This will not only save time but also allow the team to be able to monitor the data trends in order to identify potential or developing reliability issues, quicker and more efficiently than before.

Machine Sentry® MSF-1 Helps to Prevent Site Shutdown at a Distillery

A large manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, based in Scotland, previously only conducted ad hoc condition monitoring on assets, typically during factory shut down. Recently, they decided to conduct a cost analysis throughout the site which reviewed the number of breakdowns, cost of equipment, and critical assets. This identified that the cost of losing certain assets was extremely high, especially for those which do not have a standby and are critical to production. Around this time, Machine Sentry® MSF-1 was introduced to them, and borrowed a sensor for a trial period.

The sensor was placed on a forced circulation pump which is critical to maintaining site production, and it showed that there were problems with ‘looseness’ within the couplings and high vibration in the pump bearings. The maintenance team were then able schedule a repair which had minimal effect on production. 15 sensors have now been purchased to date and installed on multiple critical assets, including a KSB forced circulation pump, two vacuum pumps and a glycol feed pump. This allows the site to monitor any changes and prevent any unscheduled downtime.