Type: Machine Sentry® Gateway

Long-range, low-energy Bluetooth® gateway solution

Type: Machine Sentry® Gateway

Long-range, low-energy Bluetooth® gateway solution

by Jeremy Hoke

The Machine Sentry® Gateway enables the creation of an industrial IOT System for your condition monitoring program.

The Bluetooth® connectivity gives a fundamental advantage over traditional hardwire or Wi-Fi network solutions enabling simple deployment, flexibility and dramatically reduces installation costs. Power consumption of the connected device is managed via Bluetooth® LE which significantly improves the battery life of the connected devices.

No longer do you need to use valuable operators to collect data using  a handheld device. Data from your Machine Sentry® vibration sensors is automatically uploaded to your Machine Sentry® database. The wireless connection with the Machine Sentry® MSF sensors enables simple, consistent and effective collection of vibration and temperature data from pumps, motors, fans, bearings and many other types of equipment. The technology provides a unique opportunity to increase the efficiency of assets and reduce unplanned downtime, or breakdown.

The Gateway provides secure connection to the internet using the latest internet security protocols ensuring your data is safe.

The Machine Sentry® Gateway allows up to 100 Machines Sentry® Bluetooth® vibration sensors to be connected to the internet. The Gateway extends the Bluetooth® range up to 25m (82ft), can be powered using Power Over Ethernet (POE) and is suitable for mounting either indoors or outdoors.

Typical applications:

  • Critical assets
  • Intermittently running assets
  • Inaccessible assets
  • Multiple sensor installations
  • Remote locations such as pumping stations

Key features:

  • 3g/4g, Wi-Fi, LAN connectivity to the internet
  • Constant monitoring of machines
  • Cost effective solution
  • Simple to install and set up
  • Early failure mode detection
  • More accurate data acquisition
  • Reducing data acquisition time constraint
  • Reduce travelling time requirement
  • Reduce equipment downtime
  • Reduce maintenance cost
  • Increase equipment uptime and efficiency
  • 100% compatible with the Machine Sentry® product range of hardware and software
  • Able to collect equipment vital signs without the need of a machine operator being present


Image of the Machine Sentry® Gateway