Machine Sentry® Android 2.4 New Features

by AVT Admin

Machine Sentry® Android 2.4 New Features

by AVT Admin

by AVT Admin

This document introduces the new features and changes available in the minor release of Machine Sentry Android, Version 2.4. Note that the fixed sensor improvements require a firmware update to the sensor prior to using the new feature.

Machine Sentry Fixed Batch Collection Mode

A new feature has been added to the Machine Sentry Fixed sensor called batch collection mode. This mode allows up to 250 sets of measurements to be collected very rapidly, after which the sensor will revert back to the original settings. The existing configuration settings are used to collect the readings including running detection. Note that this requires a Firmware update to version 2010 before it will be usable.

Note that you may not always get the total number of measurement sets requested, as if running detection is used the number collected will reduce as the number of sets is reduced by the non-running occurrences.

It is envisaged that this mode will primarily be used for troubleshooting or for getting enough baseline readings to allow statistical alarms to be generated for the points.

To initiate batch collection, click on the desired sensor in the fixed sensor, then click on the “Batch collection” option in the three dot menu at the top right of the screen.

The screen shown to the right will appear. Select how many measurements you want to take and how far apart they should be taken are from the dropdown lists and click ok.

Note that the screen also gives an approximate duration for how long this will take based on the sections you have made.

The “Take 1” button initiates the collection of a single reading only.

To stop a batch collection which is already running, you can re-open the batch collection screen and use the cancel button which will stop any batch collection already configured.

Note that this does not download any measurements – you still need to download them manually once the batch collection is complete.

Colour coding of Sensor List Page

The sensor list page has been improved to show sensors where batch collection is currently running. These are shown with green text on the sensor list. Note that this is only reset when a scan is underway as the scan checks whether the batch mode is in operation.

The other colours used in this screen are as follows:

  • If an item is in blue, it means it has not been detected since the last synchronisation took place.
  • Black items indicate that they have been detected since the last synchronisation.

Machine Sentry Fixed Running Detection Improvements

The new version of the fixed firmware has changed the way running detection is operated. In the old method, a reading was taken with the configured settings and used to detect whether the equipment was running.

This has a number of disadvantages:

  • The battery life of the sensor varies depending on the selected FMax (a 2000 Hz FMax with 3200 lines would take 1.6 seconds to determine the equipment was running, whereas a 500Hz FMax would require 6.4 seconds for the same check.
  • On equipment which is infrequently running, the majority of the battery life is used up by the running detection checks.
  • The running detection used Acceleration Peak level calculated from the first 1600 samples of the reading, which is very susceptible to erroneous peaks.

To address these issues, the 2010 firmware changes the way running detection is performed in the following ways:

  • The system will take a brief, 200 line/2000FMax reading (taking 1/10 of a second) to determine if the equipment is running.
  • The overall acceleration level is used to determine if the equipment is running. This is much less susceptible to impacts and other external noise factors.
  • The running detection levels now show the actual level they are set to.
  • You can trigger a running detection check using the “Check Running Detection Level” option in the three dot menu at the top right of the configuration screen, then set the level accordingly.

These changes mean that with a 5 minute wakeup, the battery life should be consistent whether the equipment is running or not and running detection is switched on.

ADA Improvements

There are two main improvements in ADA in this release:

  • Line frequency has been added to sites. ADA will ignore peaks at 1x and 2x line frequency when determining faults present. Additionally, a new frequency type can be added to components “Externally Induced Frequency”. These are also ignored when determining faults.
  • If bearing frequencies are entered against a component these are now used to improve the running speed detection

Minor Fixes/Improvements

  • Bluetooth timeout increased to 5 seconds
  • Fixed date format on actions list page
  • Improved temperature parameter matching for fixed sensors when location changes
  • Automatically retry data collection once if Bluetooth transfer fails. (reboots sensor)
  • Improved memory usage with Bluetooth classic
  • Faster download of large numbers of readings from the same fixed sensor.
  • Fixed storing lubricant against oil measurement