Machine Sentry® – The Evolution Continues

by AVT Admin

Machine Sentry® – The Evolution Continues

by AVT Admin

by AVT Admin

As part of an on-going continuous product development plan and in response to feedback from an rapidly expanding user base, AVT Reliability® are pleased to announce further developments to the evolutionary Machine Sentry® condition monitoring solution.

All existing and future licenced users of Machine Sentry® will receive automatic and free updates that include the new capabilities highlighted below in addition to a number of functionality enhancements.

New features include:

  • Impact detection (enveloping) – which simplifies the diagnosis of bearing problems from vibration spectra

  • Kurtosis Analysis – which can be used to indicate the early stages of bearing damage
  • Further improvements to reports – all reports generated by the system now contain hyperlinks back to the system, to allow users to easily go to the source of the data.

In addition to the new features, improvements have been made to the vibration data viewer:

  • Alarms and warning levels can be shown on the time waveform as well as on trending graphs

  • Band pass filters can be added to both spectra and time waveforms to simplify analysis
  • Impact spectra and waveforms can be added for acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • Phase plots can be displayed for acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • The X axis can be displayed using either a linear or logarithmic scale
  • Component fault frequencies can be switched on or off depending on their location.

Data collection scheduling has also seen enhancements, scheduling can now be defined by hours or minutes in addition to days, weeks, months and years. This is particularly useful for users that want to schedule over different shifts in the same day.

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