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What is Machine Sentry® Mobile?

Machine Sentry® Mobile integrates condition monitoring techniques including vibration analysis, oil analysis, thermography, process and watchkeeping data into one simple package to provide an Asset Health overview and help support effective maintenance planning and reporting.

Machine Sentry® Mobile is an intelligent tri-axial vibration monitor, the innovative design allows measurements to be made up to 5 times faster than other conventional solutions.

This enables users to inexpensively collect data, receive immediate diagnostic support with the integrated Fault Diagnostic tool, but also have access to professional support (if required) from one of our highly qualified and experienced reliability and condition monitoring experts from anywhere in the world from one of our regional Reliability Data Centres(RDC). All of the collected information is Web Hosted and is available anywhere with an internet connection.


It's in our DNA

AVT Reliability owns and develops its own condition monitoring algorithms which for many years has collected millions of readings, so we understand what good looks like, for a very large number of different types of rotating equipment.

Machine Sentry® Mobile Benefits

Combined, the hardware and software costs are less than a quarter of the cost of some of even the most basic products currently in the market place.

Machine Sentry® Mobile is wireless and can send captured waveforms on demand via Bluetooth® to any Android or Windows mobile device up to 10m away.

The integral rechargeable battery permits continuous measurements to be made for up to 60 hours and the inbuilt magnet ensures easy and correct mounting for repeatable data measurement making Machine Sentry® Mobile simple to implement and use.

The ‘Fault Diagnostic Assistant’ (FDA) is unique for a package available at this cost. The FDA identifies potential faults and recommends verification checks to confirm. It offers the equivalent of a CBM Level II Vibration Fault Identifier built in to the software.

Turn any Android Device into a Data Collector

The tri-axial vibration sensor has an additional input to allow an external sensor to also be used, in addition spot temperatures can be collected via the built in non-contact temperature sensor.

Machine Sentry® Mobile supports a wide range of both industrial and commercially available tablets (Windows Mobile or Android compatible).

The ‘Watchkeeping’ function allows the user to record manually collected data (e.g. visual inspections, thermal images, lubrication management etc) alongside the vibration data received from Machine Sentry® Mobile.

Want to Revolutionise Your Reliability?

With more than 90% of the functionality of the most sophisticated devices, Machine Sentry Mobile represents the most cost effective and user friendly vibration data collector available on the market today.

Machine Sentry® Mobile has been used by over 200 Condition Based Monitoring experts over the world. To find out more book a demonstration today.

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